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Poly Motor Mounts for 65/66

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Does anyone know if a poly motor mount is available for either the early 66 style or late 66 style with a V8 (I have both frame mounts). If so, by whom and where can I get them.

Thanks, Bob.
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It must be "Motor Mount Day" here on VMF. Try Energy Suspension. If anyone makes them, they would.

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The '66-72 style is being worked on. I'm told by late summer. Be aware they will probably come through in Red!

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Red? Yuck.

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Why would they be that brain dead to use red?

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If we're talkin' about Energy Suspension's stuff here, I am not sure. I believe their business originally catered to the "Monster Truck 4-inch lift" crowd that goes ga-ga over colorful suspension and steering components.

Everything I've read says they do make good stuff, though.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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