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Ponderosa Mustang meets the VMF regulars

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It was great to meet Dickson[who bought some parts],Don65 who was looking for a Shelby style hood for this childs baby stroller[just kidding],and Midlife who I had the wrong impression of.For some reason I thought he would have a beard.I have no idea where that thought came from.The weather was super,as were the folks I got to meet.I need a VMF shirt so I can fly my GANG COLORS at Mustang shows.I seen a few more shirts out there but never got a chance to meet them.Thanks for the memories, Matt Ponderosa Mustang
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Yeah Matt didn't have the correct hood for the stroller. Guess I'll have to make a custom design. But he did have a ton of Scott Drake stuff on the tables and at great prices!!!

It was a good turnout for the show and there were some really nice cars as well. I too thought Midlife would have a beard.

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Thank God it doesn't snow this far south!!!
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It was fun to see you again too Matt. Thanks for the deal on the parts (in true VMF spirit).
To all who missed the show, it was great and I hope you'll make plans to attend next year. DIckson

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You're nuts! I have a couple of pics of me on my web site (you'll just have to browse through all the pages to see 'em), so you shouldn't have been surprised. But maybe because Old Fart is synonymous with greybeard???

Nice meeting you are a really nice guy working in a dog's world (mustang parts vendors). Next time you're in Panama City, give me a hollar! I'll keep you in mind as you are the closest Mustang Vendor for me! Now, about that rubber grommet for the carpet/highbeam button... me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
King of the Old Farts *struts*
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