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Does anyone know if they have a catalog, or a website?? I've seen this company a lot on this board, and I'd like to check them out!! Thanks!!

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Just tried & recieved an Out of Service message.Matt frequents the forum regularly so he's sure to help you out.Excellent service when he sent me some parts.

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Never ordered from Matt (Ponderosa Mustang), but talked with him once about a Goodmark hood. He told me straight up not to order from him as shipping would kill me from Florida to California. I really appreciated the honesty and his "looking out for the customer" ... things you don't see much of anymore. I'd order from him in a heart beat (as long as it's not a hood *LOL*).

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I have visited with Matt of Ponderosa mustang at a few shows, and bought a bunch of parts from him in Pensacola. He's a good guy. His parts are good quality (majority Scott Drake) and prices are very good as well.
His card lists his email as: [email protected]
His telephone number is: 1-888-567-FORD or (850) 857-1084
Just an example: he was selling the rubber gas filler neck connections for $5 where another vendor had them at $9. I checked the Drake wholesale catalog, and wholesale price is about $4.50. Not a bad deal.
Recommended Vendor - Dickson

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