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Is the rear quarter piece different between the standard and pony interiors in a '66 coupe? I've seen pictures with and without an armrest (I'm sure it wasn't a convertible). Various vendors sell conversion kits that include the quarter upholstery so I'm guessing it is applied on the standard piece. Any clarification appreciated.

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To the best of my knowledge, in 65 & 66 coupes, the rear quarter was the same in a pony interior as it was in the standard coupe interior(as far as the shape). The convertables were the only ones with the arm rest. I could be wrong, but all of my books show it that way, and from my memory of car shows, they were also as I stated.

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65 coupe pictures:

66 Convertable pictures: <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by jntmjt1 on 03/24/01 09:27 AM (server time).</FONT></P>

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I thought so too. But then I saw the photos here:
I'm pretty sure it's a coupe. It has an armrest.

There's a coupe on ebay, #570594639 that has some real good pictures, and it shows no armrest. I don't think it even has upholstery on the quarter

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the rear interior quarters on a pony interior coupe are made from a plastic material like the moulded pieces on a convertible. the main difference is in the area the the top most front corner. On a pony interior coupe, there is a metal finisher piece there and the area does not curve around where the pinch on windlace fits up under. somebody has to have a picture of this.

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Great! Thanks guys. So, will the upholstery and chrome cap fit on a standard quarter? The adds selling conversion kits don't mention anything that implies any modifications are needed.

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