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Poor running 68 500GT KR

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I am dealing with a poor running 68 GT500, I had the carb restored and it runs much better but still not great. The problem we are having after we shut down it will not start. I am getting fuel to the carb but after it sits for 30 min it starts and runs. This was about 6 weeks ago. I tried to start it yesterday and now the car barely runs and will not idle. I replace the coil think this would help. I ran an Ohm meter on the old coil across the Batt /- terminals and got a reading of 1.6 and across the center coil to either of the other post and it was 1.4. The new coil didn't help
A couple of other items - The original choke heat tubes are not installed. It currently has and Electric choke ( a wire runningn from the negative post on the starter relay) not sure if this is working and not sure how this works. I'm thinking about going back to using the original type choke tubes but how does it install and attach at the exhaust manifold and at the carb??? is there supposed to be a heat shield at the exhaust manifold that the tubes attach to?? There is no heat shield on the exhaust manifold at the moment. I purchased an electronic assembly manual on line and it's hard to see any details on the drawings.
Also I am thinking about replacing the original points distributor with an electronic ignition distributor that looks original - Any suggestions?? I also want to replace the plug wires and spark plugs. Not sure how you accomplish this? it is crazy tight especially on the drivers side - how are you guys doing this?

Thanks for all your suggestions and help.

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