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por 15 help

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Ok,I stripped off my paint to the bare metal under hood and outside of aprons then washed down with marine clean and then treated the metal w/ metal ready all as directed.I washed off the marine clean w/ the garden hose & also the metal ready after keeping the metal wet with it for 1/2 hour. It's suppose to be ready for por 15 now but the metal has a lot of flash rust & is very streaky. I want to rub it down w/ lacquer thinner now before painting. Does anyone know if I'll lose the protective coating from the metal ready if I do this? Thanks.
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Apply the POR. Lacquer thinner is not necessary. POR will coat what you see and leave a shiny, hard surface.

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I certainly wouldn't cover any rust on purpose if I could easily remove it first. I don't care if it's POR 15 or concrete.

Were you supposed to rinse it with water? I can't imagine putting water on bare metal and not expecting flash rust.

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You don't need the lacquer thinner. The Metal Ready is giving the POR-15 something more to "bite on". You've done it just like you're suppossed to. Get the POR-15 on it and quit worrying. I just did this same thing with 50% of my son's '65 coupe project last weekend.

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