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POS Vendor - need HELP T-5 conversion

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I bought a clutch cable set up second hand. The conversion came from DB Performance. It has a problem. The clutch pedal hits the cowl when it is pushed in. I called Danny Banh, the owner of DB, and found him VERY uncooperative and difficult. He said that I could send the pedal to him and he could modify it. But, he was busy and did not know when he could get to it. I asked if he would mark the pedal with the required modifications, return it, and I would then do the work in my shop. His retort was that he would not even consider it. He is concerned that I would "steal" his ideas. Come on!! what is the difference between me copying the finished product or getting a marked up unit???? Hell, he even told me to just beat the cowl with a hammer to make space for the pedal. WHAT????? Anyway I did not intend to RANT...

I NEED a quality vendor. Any suggestions.. If not I will just freelance it and hope the mods I make will work. My concern is getting the required fork travel.


PS If anyone knows Danny tell him to lighten up! He will get more business that way.
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Do you have any pics of this set up under the dash? I made my own cable conversion and may be able to help.
Take a look at my website, there's a page on DIY Cable clutch. It's also got all the major cable clutch conversion guys listed.

Let me know if I can help.
You might try talking to Bruce at

I am sure Bruce would be willing to talk to you, even though you did not buy his setup.
That sucks...looks like we have a trend going on here, if anyone remembers this thread
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