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Positive caster for 65-66's

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Well I took my car to the alignment shop today. It was sunny when I left and I drove into a torrentual downpour on the way over. Having to Nascar in and out my window with the car on the trailer lets water inside. Also, I had just waxed the thing. The next wonderful thing that happened is that when I pulled my car off my trailer both front tires fell through, LOL. Well HOLY CRAP. I had to go over to a local lumber place and have a couple temporary plywood patches put on so I could get the car home afterwards.

I went from - 1.2 degrees to 5 degrees positive caster with the strut rod modification and the best part was that the modification is FREE. The alignment cost $35. I gave my buddy a package of shop towels for the use of his drill press. He flatly refused to let me pay him or even buy him that chocolate milk he's addicted to. I keep tellling him he's gonna clog an artery drinking that stuff.

The alignment doctor said my car would just about drive itself down the drag strip now. I also have the Shelby quick kit so its not hard to steer at all. He was very happy with the way the alignment came out and he took some time to study what I did on the strut rods as well(hummmmm, LOL). It was also mentioned that the positive caster should make the car hook up better. I'm not sure I understand why but I'll take it.

This much positive caster does get your front tire close to the fender lip. My fronts are 25 1/2 inches tall and I have about 3/4 of an inch of clearance at the tightest point. I took some small liberties with a pair of pliars under there. I hope this won't be a problem. A bit shorter tire would be finer.

I will be trying it at the track soon so I will post the final update then on how it tracks up around 107.
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Glad it worked'd the steering stops work out?

You'll find, without power steering, that low speed cornering will be a bit harder, like when driving around the water box. The upside is you'll be able to hold a straight line with one finger.
No idea about caster's relation to hooking up...never made any difference on my car.

Good luck at the track!

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At least on the 65 which is what I have, the steering stop brackets are flared out a little bit on the bottom which makes them not level. This isn't a problem with the stock bolt holes but it is with the relocated bolt holes. They won't sit level then. All I had to do was grind the bottoms of the steering stop brackets flat. With the front end up in the air I tested my steering stops and they hit at about the same places and seem to work just fine.

This theory of the hooking up better has to do with lengthening the track of the car slightly. It supposedly moves the center of gravity back just a little. I don't think it is significant enough to be noticed.
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