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Did you spin the yoke by hand before you installed the rear end? If not try spinning it with your hand to see if it feels tightness or drag. My guess would be you have a worn out set of gears and there is no cure for the whinning if thats true. It could also be a bad pinion bearing. See if the pinion is loose when you spin it. It may have some in and out movement if the bearings are bad. If you where closer I would give you a hand.
When I had my 9 inch rebuilt I installed it and had the same problem. Returned it to my rebuilder - he installed a shim between the pinion gear and housing/ring gear and fixed the problem. Not a big deal, your just going to have to find a knowledgeable person in your area to repair. Good luck
Also sounds to me like the pinion bearing. Had one go out in a friends 8" (basically the same design, only smaller scale). We ended up just replacing the entire chunk, swapping with someone who knew how to rebuild it properly. Kind of like a core exchange I guess, but without having to pay someone for the install labor.

From what I've seen, it's not too complicated of an assembly, but you have to have the right tools to do everything perfectly. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Run the car while up on stands and try to duplicate the sound...

Usually angular contact bearing sounds are load and rpm dependent......

A judiciously placed mechanics stethascope should tell the story...

My instincts are gear noise.....if the gears are older, likely not solveable. Running a tooth pattern and inspecting the teeth would indicate any gross errors in setup..

Good luck!
the drive position is okay but the coast pattern is off..when you let off the gas it need to shim the pinion until the contact pattern is correct in the coast position
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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