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grab a magnet off the refrigerator :p
Mine is..... and it is embedded into the fiberglass, like a frame. Most of the re-inforcment is where the hood hinges bolt, and in the nose where the hood latch attaches.
The steel is only where things bolt-in... like the hood hinges and the hood latch. The rest of the hood is fiberglass (atleast when you're talking about aftermarket pieces).
There were two styles (as provided through a Shelby Mustang enthusiast; I can't vouch for this). Generally the earlier cars which had a steel reinforced fiberglass hood, the underside of which was painted body color. The most common, and the later one piece fiberglass, hoods would have had steel reinforcement only on the hood attachment points and in the latch area. Their underside was painted black.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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