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Your not the only one with this problem, I have a '68 with factory AC but the previous owner drove it with a broken driver side motor mount and broke off the line between the condensor and pump (consequently busting the connection out of the condensor) Originally I had hoped to change the AC compressor oil and the condensor/broken hose and all the seals and call it good. But since im AC-illiterate to anybody that could shed some light on this I would be highly appreciative.


and NO the compressor is not stuck but some people that I talked to have said that since the hose has been off for at least the year that I have owned it. And the previous owner had it garaged for 5yrs there is no possible way to know how long it has been exposed to the ouside moisture that I should just replace everything. (but that goes against my penny pinching ways)

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Stick with the original system..
Besides the parts being very unreasonable from the vendors, you'll find the hose fitting will more than likely not match the fitting on the evaporator , condensor and expansion valve you "might" have to buy.
Remove the condensor and evaporator and take to good rad shop and have cheecked out. If evap. checks OK seal the tubing ends with tape so as to not allow air to after you flush it out with acetone only. If condensor cannot be fixed, shop around for a replacement. I got one sent in from Calif to Tx for $125 including shipping.
Get a compressor from AutoZone or similar for thee sake of the warranty. Same with the clutch , if you need it.
If you ask around you should be able to find a shop that makes A/C hoses and take the wholee works to them and have neew hoses made up with fitting to match what you got. Save any original hoses you have as they can reusee the metal tubing eend with fitting on them. Shop around for the expansion valve. Yours still could be good. You just gamble thee labor to remove the refrigerant if it is found to be bad.
Your temp sensor switch is thee same as with the expansion valve but you don't have to purge the system if it is bad and they are available for around $15 on that auction site.
You can replace the condensor, evaporator, clutch, compressor and all hoses for around $600 or less. I did...
Refurb the foam gaskets ithe box when you drop it to get at the evaporator and might want to test heater core while your at for peace of mind....

Properly set-up original systems cool VERY well. If you can't afford R-12 try Envirosafe. I use it in an original system and it cools quite well. John
1 - 4 of 4 Posts