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Potential SCAM alert

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I'm a relatively new user and still learning the do's and don't of this community. As such, I will not say the user name publicly but I'll certainly share it with any moderators that contact me. He too is a new user so nether of us has any kind of reputation built up on the forums.

I've posted two WTB ads on this forum. The first was for some styled steel wheels and the second was for a center cap. A few days after the styled steel wheel post I get a nibble. An email from user X tells me that person Y has what I'm looking for an can be reached @emailY. I reach out to emailY and we switch to texting via the phone. He has a number that appears to be from the DFW metroplex but says he “just moved” to California which is where the wheels are located. He sends pictures, answers most of my questions, and we negotiate an agreeable price.

Here's where the deal goes south. He wants paid in full and refuses the idea of COD. He also refuses to involve a third party that would provide protection to both of us. Like eBay or some other vendor. Then he come back with “if you will send me funds to cover the shipping” then COD would be acceptable. Shipping is $200. Communication stalls when I ask for time to find a tire and wheel dealer that can ship/inspect for us. Also, got no response on request for additional pictures.

Here is where it gets even more suspicious. This morning I get another email in response to my WTB center cap post. It is from the same user.......and again.......he tells me that person XY has what I'm looking for and can be reached @emailXY.

I have not responded, and I have no intention of doing so. The whole thing screams SCAM to me. Has anyone else had this same experience?
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I would follow my gut feeling too.

Thanks for sharing.
Typical scam response to wanted ads. Happening a lot on the forums, you'll get nothing for your money, so keep looking.
I've not had any experience trying to make a purchase like this; however, I'm really glad you took the time to write this nice post. It provides good questions anyone can ask during a future similar purchase transaction. I agree with you that your requests were reasonable and it is good cause for suspicion with the responses you received.

Just an FYI:

Be aware - this is a current and HOT scam across quite a few forums... I’m cross linking a thread from another forum I belong to where a member was just ripped off in the same exact manner for Mustang wheels:

I posted this on the other site and will post it here too...


This seems to be a very current scam now with automotive parts - more so - wheels, which net a higher end $$$ to the scammer...and using an online or App “pay through” service.

I would suggest that if you’re seeking to buy high end Mustang parts that have to be SHIPPED that everyone thoroughly vet out the seller and don’t send ANY money at all until you can confirm that the parts being sold are LEGIT to that Seller.

Remember - ANYONE can send a pic of parts claiming it’s theirs.

Ask the seller to write something on paper with a date and show it in the image WITH the parts - OR something to that effect.

Ask unique questions about his/her location, or geographic surroundings that only that person would know if they lived in that exact area.

If the email address has random alpha and numeric characters in it that don’t make any sense and is from a “freebie” Search Engine Provider rather than a direct Internet Service Provider - be wary of that seller. There are also services and apps that will auto generate a fake email address to hide an original email address - so if it’s an auto generated email, in most instances if you were to search it via Google you won’t get any prior history hits - be cautious!!

If the Seller is on a Forum, check their Post Counts and their Post Content! If they are a brand new user AND their first post is selling parts - be very aware. Again search their user ID or email across Google and see if they have any prior online activity anywhere... If NOT, be cautious!

If the seller provides info GOOGLE their info:
Geographic Location
Email address
Forum or supplied User ID

If the Seller insists on completing a transaction through an online or App pay source - and won’t give you any further info other than an email address - BE CAUTIOUS, that’s a red flag!

Usually if the seller is one who’s been around, all of the above can be found via a Google search AND will in most cases match their identity given to complete a transaction.

If the seller is coming off by saying “I don’t have the wheels (or x-part) but a friend or associate does and I can put you in contact” - that is a RED FLAG as it seems to be the “MO” for this type of scam. Either the Seller is setting it up as a dual transaction by being the “finder” and matching you with the “seller” who will then complete the scam - OR the seller is one in the same as the finder and end scammer making it to look like they have a friend or associate when they really do not.

Pass the info along folks - this scam seems to be HOT right now on many forums and none of the emails being used are matching, so these scammers are using random email addresses to bait, hook and steal your money!
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Report said member X to moderators. They will look into it and probably ban them if they are not on the up and up.
Let me guess. Plankcool telling you to email Bill in Texas. Yes, scam.
I learned to never buy unseen unless using a credit card, or as you mentioned, via a system like Ebay where a credit card or paypal is involved.
Had a totally reputable company take my order, then go out of business, the money on the card was covered and refunded by the credit card company.
If I had payed debit, I would have been S.O.L. Only difference at the time was which card I pulled out.
It's too bad that there are scammers among us
Has anyone else had this same experience?
I can only suggest that when there is a "sticky" notice at the top of a forum like the one in the "wanted" section that says "SERIOUSLY, READ THIS!" You might want to give it a look. It also tells you what to do when approached this way.
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