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power brakes

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getting power brakes for a 65 mustang do you have to get special parts or can you just go to the auto shop and they just put it in? thanks a bunch!
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I will be installing original power brakes in my 66 this summer, and to go this route you would need the brake booster and M/C and the expensive mounting bracket. It's being reproduced I believe, but it's not cheap. you will need the brake line that attaches at the front of the M/C and/or rework your existing brake lines to fit. you will need to change out the brake pedal assembly for a power brake pedal. I've heard the non-powered brake pedals will work but they tend to go pretty close to the floor.(scary thought!)

I've been told the proportioning valve doesn't have to be changed unless your going to disk brakes. But still not completely certain on this yet.

I've heard of several kits out there depending on how you want to go, PB, PDB. but your looking at $300 to $500 going this route. I've purchased my stuff used through the classifieds and ebay, and I'll probably be out once I rebuild/recondition the original setup around $275.


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