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Power Steering Fluid

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I had heard somewhere that it is OK to use Automatic Transmission fluid inplace of power steering this true? More specifically, I have a 67 Coupe...can I use the Type F automatic transmission fluid for the power steering?

If not...what type is best?

Thanks for your help!
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Type F has always been the power steering fluid of choice for me in all my vintage Mustangs...

Works fine...

Type F in both places...

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Just kidding, I know they do. It's just tranny fluid in a smaller jar with a bigger price tag ... I've always just used type F.

Now, I did have some real interesting stuff come out of my daughter's '69 not long after we bought it. A hose blew and [color:green]green</font color=green>, yes, [color:green]green</font color=green> stuff came out of it. Still don't know to this day what the hell it was. MrFomoco suggested it could be the original factory PS fluid which was green to make leak detection easier (green fluid is PS leak, red fluid is an AT leak). Personally, I have a rough time thinking the fluid in the car was 30 years old, though *LOL*.

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I must politely disagree w/previous posts because Type F is LOUSY! The P/S system ALWAYS had leaks due to high pressure hose and low pressure return hose failure. I replaced those hoses every 90 days like clockwork. At one point, I considered removing the entire P/S system. Use Mercon (sp?) III. The modern stuff has more protective additives than Type F.

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It probably says on your P.S. dipstick to use Type-F fluid. I am using the "Redline" synthetic equivalent to Type-F for the P. S. in my 70 Mach 1. Haven't had any problems yet. I read somewhere though that if you add a teaspoon of brake fluid (non silicone) to your steering reservoir, it helps protect the seals better. Can't comment either way on hose failure with straight Type-F.

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