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I went on a long drive yesterday down to Bellevue, Washington for the annual Northwest Mustang Roundup, quite a long drive for my car which normally stays away from the highway. The show was awesome!!! On the way back the power brakes started hissing, only when you weren't using them, as soon as you push down the brake pedal, the hissing went away. I can't see any punctures in the vacuum line that connects to the brake booster.. Could this be something internal in the booster??? Also the booster was supposed to be a rebuilt unit when I bought it. It has never made that noise before......
Next problem, the forever annoying power steering.....
I have adjusted my steering box (which is correct for P/S) and adjusted my check valve underneath many, many times, nothing works!!! There is too much freeplay in the wheel, and it doesn't return back to center like it should, it wants to keep going in that direction. It is not the alignment, the alignment is excellent on the car. Any thoughts??? Suggestions?? Ideas??? ON EITHER PROBLEM???
Thanks in advance
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