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I want to remove the power steering pump from my 65 Mustang 289 but concerned about the process of taking it out. Can the ps pump be removed from the car without taking off the pulley first? It has three bolts in the front which go thru the mounting brackets into the pump and I wonder if there is sufficent room to back out the bolts with the pulley on. The Mustang REstoration Handbook mentions that the bolts should be removed (I believe the book is addressing a rebuild when off the car) one at a time as there is spring-loading between the cover and pump housing.

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there is spring-loading between the cover and pump housing
That is referring to actually taking the pump apart, not removing the brackets.

Yes, there's ample room to remove the 3 bolts holding the bracket to the pump housing, using an open end wrench. DO NOT pull my doofus, though, in using a ratcheting wrench. My ratcheting wrenches don't have a "switch" to go from loosening to tightening ... you just flip them over to reverse them. I started loosening the bolts using that wrench and got stuck with no way of tightening the bolt back in to get my wrench back :eek:

The easisest way, though, of removing the pump is just to remove the lower bolt (that goes in the "slider"), and the nut on the big stud that goes into the head. Then double nut the stud and remove it (you'll likely not have enough room to get the pump and bracket off in one piece because of clearance at the radiator).

You'll find this way MUCH, MUCH easier when it's time to put it back together. Getting those 3 bolts back into the pump housing is a MAJOR PIA with it in the car, but a piece of cake with the pump sitting on the garage floor.

Hopefully this whole thing made some sort of sense ::
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