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Power Steering question

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G'day guys. I've got a bit of a question about the power steering on my 67 stang. Soon I will be starting to hook it back up but I purchased the car as a dismantled project with the engine out and I am not sure what works and what doesn't. The control valve and all the tie rods etc are still connected in the car but the pump is out, The question i have is that, well first I must explain that i would love to install one of them TCP rack and pinion kits, but back to the question, it would appear to be a substantial cost to recondition/replace all the components or should i just buy one of those adaptors to convert to manual steering and then save my money for the TCP kit or should I lash out and replace all the original components. I am not concerned about originality. What is the price difference between TCP kit and replacing all original stuff including steering box. Thanks guys

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Well, I rebuilt my control valve for about $50 and some time. I rebuilt my steering box for practically
nothing since it's internals were all in good shape. I bought a new power ram for $130, and all new
hoses ran about $80. Total cost will be about $250 plus several hours of my time.

If you were to replace all the components with rebuilts, you'd be looking at $300 for the steering
box, $100 for the ram, not sure about the control valve - between $100 and $200 I think. hoses
at about $80. This is assuming the pump is ok. Final bill would be in the neighborhood of $600
to $750.

The problem with switching to manual steering is that the steering box is a 16:1 for power
and something like 19:1 for manual. So converting the power system to manual will definitely
require some he-man output from the driver, especially in parking lots.

I'd say, if you're seriously thinking about the PST r&p setup, bite the bullet and get it now.
Why screw around with the steering system twice? (Notice how easily I spend your money? :))

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The TCP rack and pinion setup is at least $1600 as you probably know. That takes most of us quite a while to save up. (Try explaining that to your wife) I believe in rebuilding, carefully, the stock setup and accepting the fact that PS from the sixties always has that "floaty" feeling and will never feel like cars today.

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