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PPG Epoxy Primer steps for success?

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I have to do some priming. This means I'm making some progress.

How about some comments on the proper steps.

Lets see if I can remember what the paint sales guy said.

Using DP40LF primer and DP402LF catalyst

Degrease with DX330. Rinse a whole lot with clean water.

Use DX520 metal prep on all bare metal. Do not rinse.

Mix DP40 and 402 50/50.


Clean gun before the paint sets.

Also, whats to pot life using 402LF. I think thats the longduration catalyst.

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Make sure the surface being primered has been prepped.....this means all the crude bodywork has to be done (this is before the blocking filler primer K36 or K200

If going down to the metal, do use the metal prep......(this is mostly a 30:1 water to phosphoric acid mix....

DO rinse it off.....and do dry it (wipe with tacky cloth after dry...)
I also like to wipe the surfaces down with fish eyes are held at bay

the mixture is 1:1 for the primer and hardener....

I like to scuff the surface before shooting....
Some people like to run a bit of reducer in the primer-hardener mix so it sprays on fluffy and has a sandalble surface.....this is good if you plan on future bodywork....

good luck
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Sounds about right just by memory. I don't have anything in front of me.

Before you do the degrease I'd blow the car off realy good, concentrate on the seams and cracks. Then I wash the car using a red sratchy pad using just a tiny bit of dish detergent in the water.

Then degrease and rinse the car using a scratchy pad again, also using a sprayer on the hose to blast all the surfaces clean.

Then blow all the surfaces dry with air and once again concentrate on the cracks, you don't want any drops blasting back out of the crevices when you spray.

I don't remember what DP40 mixes at but on the side of the can it will have a little panel with little icons and in tiny numbers it will give you the ratio.
sounds like you listen real well!!all sounds good to me if you are then going to put a primer surfacer on you should within 24hrs[check on can it might be48]otherwise your supose to scuff sand and reapply dp.sometimes if its going to be a while before i need to use somewhere else i will put the catylize product in the fridge to keep it cool. this will give you a little longer also can thin with lac. thinner up to about 15% if you want it to lay down a little better.i always use the quicker one and don't remember the # but i think your right 02 is the slower can get a product sheet from dealer and it will have all info. dp is great product,but wear resperator or you might not get to finsh project!!!!
Your right about the ratio. I checked the PPG web site last night (and its on the can).

Thanks everyone for the tips.
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