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Pre-Knotts Dinner

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I don't know if everyone caught 67Delilah's 'Final Answer' on the dinner location, but it looks like it is Don Jose's, a highly-recomended Mexican place. I will be publishing the attendee list this weekend - so if you plan on coming - make sure we've got you signed up.

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Why hell yes...I hope hope so bad that they both share my enthusiasm for Stangs...I need someone to help me bench press the trannys when lumbago finally sets in. (as a matter of fact I was just brainwashing a 4th grader at my work partner's birthday party. We were talking about Ferraris and Porsches. Luckily my partner got a '70 Boss 429 Hot wheel for his birthday and I took that as inspiration and turned the conversation towards Mustangs...I ended up showing the kid my car and the next thing you know he tells me how much he loves Vintage Stangs.)
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