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Preserving "natural" finishes

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I have just finished glass beading the hood hinge assemblies, and they look terrific. What is the best way to keep them that way? I know FoMoCo must have shot them with Cosmolene or something. I have stainless steel paint, and I have satin clear spray paint. Any other suggestions, or tips for "correct" finishing?

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It is a finish similar to that used on military guns. phosphate/parkerize It is not difficult
to do. You need to get the chemicals and have something big enough to sink the parts in.
Talk to a gunsmith they always have that stuff.

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I finished my hood hinges with gun bluing solution that I bought at Walmart. It is very close to the original phosphate and oil finish. I glass beaded them, coated with bluing solution, and then wiped them down with WD-40 for protection against rust. Turned out looking very original.

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Is it a durable finish? I don't want to have to do this again for another 35 years!

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A more durable finish would be to paint them with a Cast Blast color. It's supposed to look like cast iron. That's what I'm going to use on mine.

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I have Stainless Steel paint that contains particles of SST in it. Looks a bunch like the Cast Blast stuff, but is VERY durable. The hinges wouldn't look stock to one of us, but would be close, and would look good for a long time. I think I'm going to go that way. Thanks

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in my opinion, gun bluing will be as durable as Cast Blast paint.

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I shot my hinges etc with "cast blast" paint. IMHO, in humid LA I think it will retard rust longer than blueing (but more likely to chip). Dickson

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LPS3!!! Rust protector, dries similar to cosmolene. Excellent product.

I painted mine black.

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Buy 5 gallons of "Oxysolve" from Eastwood. It's expensive ~$100.00 but well worth it. Dunk the entire hinge in there and wait a few hours. Pull it out, wipe it off, and presto....beautiful phosphate coating at home!

After drying, wipe the part down with an oily rag to fill the phosphate crystals with oil.

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ive tried oxysolve and the finish looks good to me - anyone know how true to the original look is this phosphate/oil finish?
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