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I noticed the chrome air cleaner on my 302 convert wouldn't sit right on the carb..I took a closer look..the damn thing hits the choke's a good thing I have an original factory 302 air cleaner stashed in my garage, including the snorkel that sits on the manifold..*YES*

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I bought an chrome Edlebrock air cleaner to go on my Edelbrock carb ... it had the same problem. I couldn't quite beleive that Edelbrock's air cleaner wouldn't fit their own carb right! I took it back and got a Mr. Gasket one for half the price that fit great *LOL*.

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I had a similar experience. I am working on fixing up an F-100 pickup. The previous owner (or a mechanic he took the truck to) tried to "fix" the heated air tube going from the exhaust maniold to the choke thermostat.

The lazy mechanic not only failed to bother making sure the new tube properly cleared the air filter housing, but didn't even bother connecting the other end to the exhaust manifold. Needless to say, without a heated air source, the choke wasn't opening right. The "fix" for this new problem was to physically remove (not just unscrew) the fast idle adjustment screw. What a joke.

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