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Price Differences

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Anyone else find it maddening how different pricing can be from one site to the next? As an example, I need to pick up a new differential cover gasket. If I look on Summit Racing, the Fel Pro RDS13270 is listed for $3.99. The exact same gasket, same part number, on CJ Pony Parts is $19.99. NPD, not certain it is exactly the same, but unlikely Fel Pro have more than one gasket, $6.05.

Normally, you could just say get the cheapest one. But, then you run into paying for shipping, as well ($11.99 Summit, $9.99 CJ Pony Parts, $12.95 NPD) . Summit is still the cheapest, but ...

I also want to pick up new hardware (nuts and washers). NPD I can't even find them, Summit say it is special order and CJ Pony has them for $21.

I think I will call Virginia Mustang and see if they have both in stock, gasket is $6 there and nuts/washers are $18 and take a little drive. About $24 for both the gasket and the nuts / washers. 80 mile round trip, I get about 22MPG in my daily driver, needs 93, so about $15 in gas. Ends up costing about the same as ordering from CJ Pony Parts, but potentially means getting them sooner.

Honestly, if CJ Pony Parts were at least reasonably similar pricing to the others, I would order from them, but $20 vs $6 or $4 is ridiculous. Doubly so when the nuts / washers are only $3 more than Virginia Mustang.
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How about checking your local auto parts store for the gasket? Those parts are not vintage Mustang specific.
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If Oreilly’s doesn’t have the copper washers Copper Washer Assortment, 80 Piece
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