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Probably made his day?

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A little smiley story for you.

My Mother in law told me a few weeks ago, that our 12 year old paper boy appears to have a fixation with my Stang.
She told me, that whenever the Stang is on the drive and he comes to deliver the papers, he stops and stares at her. He then goes to the front and taps the hood, then to the rear and taps the trunk. All the time talking to her!! (Ahhhh how sweet???)

This weekend I was home and took the cover off to give her an airing. I looked out and saw the paper boy, doing his usual routine. I went to the door and called out to him as he was jumping onto his bike. He had that look on his face like "I'm sorry I should not have touched it!"
He came back and I said "D'ya wanna sit in her?" Man..... you should have seen his face. It was like christmas! I let him get in and told him to close the door when he left. I sorta kept an eye on him and after about 5 minutes of pretending to be driving and looking at everything, he got out closed the door and locked it. He was really careful too.

He looked back and I waved out, I swear he rode away on that bike with a grin from ear to ear!!

Made me feel really good. Just that one moment probably helped make another Stang Fan!!!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Thought I would share.

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That's how it started for me. My friends parents had an original owner '67 coupe in their garage when I was 12. It hadn't been on the road for years and my friend and I would sit in it and pretend to drive. 10 Mustangs later I still can't get enough. You did a good thing!

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I'll bet he was happy. I'm 14 and I havn't gotten to sit in a classic Stang yet. But, I'm looking for one for my dad and I to restore. Can't wait.

That's great! You gonna hand him the keys when he gets his permit and let him take it for a spin? Why not? Sounds like a good kid!

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I remember looking at the magazines...and my girlfriend's grandad had a 64.5 and a 67. I liked 'em both... but when a friend at a car dealership got that 68 in i was HOOKED. I traded my truck in the next day and drove it off the lot. That was 1989. Kept that car through thick and's still my daily driver now.

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I remember when i was about 11 or 12, I went to a car show and I was touching an old vintage car, the owner came up to me and said, "get your grubby little hands off my car" From that day on I vowed that when I get a car good enough to put in a show that I would let the young kids sit in it. Dont care much for vintage cars any more either.

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