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problems with clutch pedal after installing transmission

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just finished installing my engine and transmission and i went to hookup the z bar linkage. new bushings on both sides. car is a 66 FB, 302 from a 68, with a 4 speed toploader from a 64 fairlane.

i’m having 2 problems.
1. when i fully depress the clutch i can’t put it into gear. car is in the air on stands. car is obviously off but i don’t know why it won’t go into gear. i thought maybe it wasn’t in neutral when i bolted the shifter back on but it rocks side to side like it is. i also have yet to put fluid into the transmission but i don’t see how that would affect it while the gears aren’t spinning. i have 2 qts of 75w-90 that’ll be going in.

2. when i attached my clutch return spring it pulled the clutch pedal further up and it sits about 5 inches above the break pedal. when i depress the clutch with the spring on it drops about 3 inches and then i can feel it engage the pressure plate. when i remove the clutch return spring the pedal sits about 2 inches above the brake pedal and feels more natural, but there’s no return spring.

i have a feeling both of these are related. would adjusting the rod that goes into the fork further out be a solution? i don't know if this means if the spring i have on there is too stiff if it’s pulling the fork all the way back. or if i need to adjust the z bar. the clutch worked fine before i pulled everything apart, same z bar, same transmission.

my thought was if i adjust the nut further out and lengthen it, my pedal would sit lower and i might get a little more length out of my pedal travel. but i’m giving up for the night so i figured i’d ask the pros and get y’all’s input.
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yes it’s GL5 and labeled as full synthetic. it’s all they have at the parts store anymore
DON'T use GL5 in a Ford Toploader.

got it, haven’t put it in yet. do you know where i can find GL4 anymore? oreilly didn’t have it but i haven’t checked other parts stores
I updated my post with links.
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I have both types of clutches (in two different cars). Both are adjusted per the Ford Sop Manual with the correct spring installed.
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