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Problems with Convertible (no power suddenly)

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Hello Everyone,
Hoping I could get some help. I have a '73 convertible. It was just with a family mechanic for work that was beyond my ability (Suspension, etc) and some other items. When I went to get the car Saturday morning I tried to put the top down (automatic) and nothing happened. It worked perfectly fine prior to that and there was no work directly done with the top while in the shop. I drove it there with the top down so he had to put it up after dropping it off and did not notice any issues. We looked it over and just didn't see anything.
The only things electrical done:
-New alternator
-Starter relay (Everything looks hooked up right)
-Voltage relay

The fuses in the box looked good. I bought new ones but wrong size (ugh) so did not replace any yet. We didn't think the motor would just go out like that and seems like no power to the motor (The power wire was hooked back up to the starter relay).

Could the switch just go like that? Are we missing something simple that just did not get hooked up?

Any help, ideas or advice would be great!

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You can test at the switch to see if there is power getting to the switch.
I think there is a fusible link in the line from the solenoid, on the side where your positive battery cable attaches and goes to your pump.


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I know that on the '65/'66 Ragtops there was a Circuit Breaker installed next to the starter solenoid to protect the wiring to the pump. There is a wire from the + side of the solenoid to the CB. If your solenoid was replaced maybe he forgot to reconnect the wire to the CB if a '73 has a CB.
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Pretty sure the 71-3 had the fuse link. Even when dead they look OK, you have to test the circuit.
Thanks everyone. When I get a chance I will look it over again. At least it narrows it down!
71-73 have a circuit breaker on either the starter solenoid or the auxiliary buss on the fender apron. Power to the top is supplied by the auxiliary power feed that runs across the passenger shock tower brace, behind the engine and through the firewall below the brake booster.

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