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Well I've been working on the conv every evening for a couple of hours.The interior is almost clean,just have the carpets left to scrub.The mold as come off compleatly so far with the exception of some stains on the leading edge of the top.
I droped the water pump off a NAPA on monday for them to send out for a rebuild.It will hopefully be ready by the end of the week.I'm still looking for a thermostat housing,rear shocks and exhaust.
I pulled the carb thursday and cleaned it up and replaced the axcelerator pump.It now looks brand new.I'll probably work on cleaning up the rest of the engine and engine compartment today.
I also got a nice suprise when taking the interior appart.I found the last two inspection recipts.The first dated 6/16/71 shows 10,304 miles.The second dated 6/23/72 shows10,666 miles,and the decal #'s match the one on the windshield.
Well I'm off to work on the car.I'll update later.
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