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Well, I did some serious wrenching this last few days. Here is a summary.

Thurs, 4/12
- Wired up radio
- Installed power antenna
- Installed fender splash shields
- Installed cowl/hood seal
- Installed the little brackets that go between the headliner and the forward roof pillars
- Installed Pass water shield and door panel
- Installed front dash and kickpanel speakers
- Installed locking hood pins (this leads to trouble on the following day)
- Fixed the clutch on the Alfa Romeo (had to replace the clutch pedal shaft, works great now!)

Fri 4/13 (ohhh, no!!!)
- Took the car out for a drive with SWMBO and the hood flew up/forums/images/icons/frown.gif just a block from home! I forgot to lock the hood pins (doofus award insert here) Small cracks on the hood pin on the driver's side, but repairable. The hood is getting dropped off this morning at the body shop. I talked to the owner and it will be ready by Saturday AM.
- After severe anguish, proceeded to install sound deadener
- Installed Carpet
- Installed ash tray
- Installed Rally Pac Yippee!!!!! It works with my Mallory Unilite also!!!!

Saturday, 4/14
- Installed A/C evaporator
- Installed A/C compressor
- Installed A/C hoses
- Evacuated and did leak check on A/C (good - thanks to my neighbor who is an A/C repairman, I borrowed his vacuum pump)
- Installed battery voltmeter
- Washed the car

Sunday, 4/15
- Spent the day at Brother - in - Laws house with the kids. Did some eating, beer drinking a little nap, swimming and more eating.
- Car drives like a million bucks!
- Also lots more people have sore necks!!!! *G*

Today I must mail in the you know whats, and I will drop off the hood and get the A/C charged! Should be ready for Knott's on Sunday!!! See ya there!!!!!

Steve Leslie, 65 coupe in restoration. 302, toploader, A/C, disc brakes, bench seat

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Wow, looks like you got a lot done! Now.....who has the Doofus Award? Pass it on! *G*
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Jeez, your list of things to do was as long or longer than mine! I still need to mount the new bumpers, new rear shocks and have it re-aligned. But, like you, I will be ready come Sunday! Sorry to hear about the hood, but at least the damage was minimal. The car looks great...can't wait to see it in person. Congrats!

Shannon a.k.a. The ShanMan! /forums/images/icons/cool.gif
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what you do in 4 days takes me 4 months.
im outta breath just reading your accomplishments!

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where did you get your locking hood pins. I need a pair, too.



P.S. Me and a buddy let the hood fly up on his car when we were to anxious to hit the road after installing a cam.

I just got a note that informed me that you have Tri-Bars headlights. Is this true? How do you like them? Easy install?

Michael G.

hehehe, I did that with mine also!!! Just makes your day right?? Nah. Sorry to hear, hope it didn't ruin that beautiful paint job!! See ya at Knott's!!

65 coupe 302
(rebuilding a 351W)
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