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We'll we made progress this past week. The engine is completely together. PO didn't have a timing pointer, go figure. Put on the Petronix electronic points. A Petronix 40,000 volt coil , broke the old Ford coil, new spark plug wires. Finished assemblling the transmission The fork, throw out bearing, rubber seal. Finished assembling the drive shaft , new U-joints, back set was the wrong ones, had to exchange them. Put sound-proofing in the ceiling. and finalized the brush on sealer. Started to take apart the rear end. Took some photos of it for reassembly. It was a good day, didn't break anything.


1. How do you grease the throw-out bearing?
2. Should I grease the shaft that the throw-out bearing rides on?
3.Should I grease the pivot point of the clutch release lever?
4.Spark plug wires? I assume that the longest one goes from the farthest plug to the distributor, etc , or is there a way of doing it that allows the wires to lay down nicely?
5. Transmission yoke. Do I grease the inner splines of the yoke before installing it into the transmission? I figured the trans fluid should do it.
6. Clutch release equalizer bar ,Z bar, When installing the Z-bar, the two ends have felt bushings. Should I use a grease inside the bar to allow for lubrication around the pivot point. And if so, what grease is used inside the equalizer bar?
7. Do you grease the shifter assembly. If so what grease?
I will install a lower shifter boot.


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Not required
Not required
Correct. There are a number of ways to address routing,(over the valve covers, in front of them, etc).
Driveshaft yoke??? If so, not required.
Yes. An all purpose grease such as white lithium.
Yes if required. Note: grease may cause the accumulation of dirt. general purpose grease.

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Couldn't have said it better myself. blown351 put it short and to the point.....

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