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progress by any other name...

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Well, in the last two days, I have made some real progress, and discovered many new things that need to be done. First the progress:

Installed the export brace and M/C bar. (wanna rent a spreader bar?)
Installed the intake manifold and carb.
Installed all new wiring harnesses.
Installed the water pump.
Installed the power steering pump.
Installed the alternator.
Installed the belts pulleys and fan.
Rebuilt the vacuum advance setup on the distributor.

Still need to:

Install the radiator.
Install the distributor.
Install the valve covers.
Install the solenoid.
Install the ignition wires.
Install the grill.
Install the hood.
Time the motor.
Touch up paint scratches from installing M/C bar too soon (duh!!!)
New projects:

Remove all foot pedal assemblies and repaint, rebush, and reinstall.
Repaint glove box door.
Remove heater box to install new heater hoses then reinstall.
Touch up drivers side door interior paint.

There's more, but Knott's is two weeks away, and the rest will have to wait. Besides, SWMBO is getting a little cranky...thinks I love the car more than her *G*!

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Sounds like you're well on your way! Don't forget the alignment!!!!

For some reason, my picture is not coming out?

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If I could get so much done, I might actually be finished one day soon.

Hope you make your goal in time! Good luck!! And enjoy the work!


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I'll post some tomorrow. Now stand back...did this thingy go in here...or was it this thingy over here? Come to think of it, It might be that thingy I threw away.....uh oh

Shannon a.k.a. The ShanMan! /forums/images/icons/cool.gif
66' Vintage Burgundy C-code coupe
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