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Progress on the 65 vert? Or I give up.

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Well I spent another 12+ hours on the underside of the vert this weekend.It still has a couple of spots that I'm not really happy with,but I've decided that I'm going to leave it as is.After all it isn't a concorse trailered car just a trailered unrestored.
I still have some cleanup to do in the interior then I'll move onto the exterior.
Any tip's from the judges out there on what I should put the most attention to?I haven't ever shown a car in a judged competition before or even been to one for about 20 years.Any help would be appriciated. Thanks
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Been there, done that! I spent three months looking up at the bottom of my '65 fastback...there were many hours when I wished I'd taken the car to a dry strip outfit and let them media blast the car...

What do judges look for...there are three things other than originality (originality is only a concours trait). These are: condition, workmanship and cleanliness. Condition relates to functionality (does it work). Workmanship relates to craftsmanship (what is the quality of the product seen) and cleanliness is how well the car is made ready for show. As you restore your car pay attention to the details that will satisfy the above three conditions and you should have no problems winning trophys later.
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