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Well, I'm here again to make you all look bad. Here's the latest...

The date to return the car to the body shop is rapidly approaching, so here is another chapter in the saga:

- Painted and baked all brackets and pulleys
- Picked up the Ford Motorsports valve cover gaskets, 1" phenolic 4 holer carb spacer and thermostat housing gasket from Hawaii Racing in Simi Valley. Nice shop, but didn't have enough time to windowshop.
- Installed phenolic spacer
- Removed valve covers (surprise!) Some time ago, I had R&Red the pass side cover, and installed a temp cork gasket. Well, it was as hard as a rock, and probably was the #1 contributor to my seepage around the engine. Anyhow, cleaned valve covers with Easy-Off and wirebrushed the RTV off the gasket flange. Filed edge smooth so my new gasket will work. Only 30 minutes per cover. Scuffed covers and painted with black wrinkle finish paint, and baked in oven (SWMBO was out at work) @ 225 for 30 minutes. Looks great!
- Installed alternator, Flowkooler water pump and all associated A/C bracket around the water pump. Went to PAW (about 15 miles away) and picked up a new alternator bracket. The old one didn't have the correct bend radius for the high output alternator.
- Installed swaybar, using lots of lithium grease.
- Installed Z-bar and clutch linkage.
- Replace intake manifold bolts with Stainless allenhead cap screws and retorqued
- Painted driver's side tailpipe/glasspack. I will add second coat today and 'cure' it with a borrow heatgun from work. This heatgun is serious, it can light a cigarette and melt solder (on the high setting)! I will use the low setting.

Anyhow, it looks like the beast will run on Saturday.

Steve Leslie, 65 coupe in restoration. 302, toploader, A/C, disc brakes, bench seat

Looks like you are on the way to getting finished, but you sure make me look bad. I have to think about what I am working on and finally get it done.

Keep up the good work and up dates



A bad day working on the stang is better than a good day at work!

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Better be careful or you might "let the smoke out" if you know what I mean!

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