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Progress spurs adrenaline! (long)

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Here is a progress report for last evening:

- Installed steering column seal (flat rubber seal that column goes through) at firewall
- Installed firewall pad (Re-pop brand - good quality, but not concour - I don't care about that. Lithium grease on plastic retainers prior to 'hammering' them in place *G*)
- Assembled clutch pedal, brake pedal, clutch spring and stop on pedal support (lots of lithium grease on those moving parts as well)
- Installed pedal support and pedals
- Installed steering column with new steering box seal (a little lithium grease on the top of the steering box made it slide right into place)
- Installed Grant Stainless / wood grain steering wheel with Mustang horn button

I must comment that the Re-pop firewall pad (bought it at NPD) was of excellent quality. I had to cut out several optional holes and add one more for the wiring for the additional wiring (stereo amplifier power, fuel pump and power antenna).

Also, upon inspecting the Grant steering wheel horn adapter, I notice that the quality of the horn ring was poor (The part that is between the horn spring contacts and the steering wheel). There was glue on the copper plating that the horn spring contacts ride on, as well as solder blobs where the horn leads were soldered. I removed the glue and re-worked the installation of the horn leads with the trusty soldering iron. Unfortunately, the horn lead to wheel adapter/horn plate is not the best interface. IIWK (If I were King - hey a new one!), I would have made a better interface to the horn leads.

Anyhow, I got all of the parts together and verified that the horn spring contacts ride smoothly on the adapter, and that the horn works properly used a multi-meter at the harness connector). It is starting to look like a car again! I am going to borrow a digital camera this evening and post some pictures tomorrow.

Steve Leslie, 65 coupe in restoration. 302, toploader, A/C, disc brakes, bench seat
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Steve, can't wait to see how it all comes out. Did you say that the new exterior colors were black and red?

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