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'69 Mustang coupe...331, Fox / Explorer EFI, TK3550, MDL, SoT, TCP, Fays2 Watts, 94-04 Cobra discs
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Well guys, some of you may remember that 68 coupe I was given that had a brick wall fall on the back end from a while back...the body man came yesterday to pick up the car to start work on Monday. Might have it out by the end of next week!! Then we move ahead in getting that old 200 inch 6 banger to running real smooth. Man am I glad to be moving ahead on this project. My dad has been giving me fits.

natedawg27587 on AOL IM

69 coupe
bored .030 over 302
flat top cast pistons, Edelbrock intake, MSD, Heddman, Holley, Milidon, World Products Sr. heads, lots more...supposedly she will make 400 hp or there abouts...we shall see...;)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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