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Project Tetanus, my '66 coupe restoration

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After selling the Charger my late father and I built together I was looking for another car. Found this one online fairly local and had what I wanted, V8, stick, no power anything and was complete. Upon disassembly she had lots of rust issues and I thought about tanking the entire thing. Instead, maybe foolishly or not, I went back to my roots and dug into it. Sold some other stuff to buy the welder and tools needed and started disassembly in my garage. Here's her journey.

Car looked really great... they hid a lot of the wrong really well.




Started tearing her down.





Jig built and plan in place

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Trunk, rear frame rails, rear trunk brace and wheel housings were next. They weren't too bad, but figured if I was already doing this much I may as well replace it all with new metal. Again, one side at a time starting with the rails.

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Wheel housing going in.

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Finally the trunk section.

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Wow.... what a great project! I can see you would have to have the welding skills for such an extensive restore, and patients lol...
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