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Proportioning valve / Distribution block questions

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I heard it called both.

I have two and need to confirm what I have and which one I need to use. I am running 4-wheel disc brakes.

First one is a 4-port unit I was told was for a drum/disc car. Part number on the side is F4ZC280910DA (The 8 could be a B)

The second one is a 6-port unit that supposedly came from a 84-90 Lincoln Mark VII which is a disc/disc car. Part number on the side is E5LC 2B091-CB. My net question would be where i can find a diagram to show which port goes where. Web seach has not turned up anything.

Any info would be much appreciated.



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That's the way to go, there is no reason to have a factory-style distribution block if you just put a T in to split the front brake lines, and do your proportioning to the rear via an adjustable valve in the rear brake line.
That's what I did. Either of these will work (both the same).

Summit Racing SUM-G3905 - Summit Racing® Brake Proportioning Valves - Overview -

Wilwood Disc Brakes 260-8419 - Wilwood Brake Proportioning Valves - Overview -
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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