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Proportioning valve

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When setting the adjustable proportioning valve is their a rule of thumb regarding the starting position of the valve? ie. two or three turns in or 25% to rear and 75% to front. I will road test after setting the initial adjustment.

I am also going to put new organic rear shoes on (carbon/kevlar is too expensive for me right now) is it manditory to turn the drums with the new shoes?
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Can't help with the proportioning valve. The rear drums do not need to be turned as long as they where in good shape to start with like no major grooves or surface flaws. Even then if you wanted you could still not have them turned. Anything on the front of the car should be turned.
70% front 30% rear is a good starting point. You want the FRONTS to lock up first - just before the rears.
I had read sometime back that the suggested starting point was 2 full turns. I set mine this way and have not readjusted. The brakes feel good at this setting (for all 3 drivers in the family).
Thanks for the help GT350 and RTM.

GT350 your car is so cool looking! Just had to tell you. My coupe is white with a red interior and I want to red Shelby strip it. Can't sell this idea to SWMBO!
On my last car ('67 fastback) I set mine in an empty parking lot after a rain. I drove it daily in the summer so wet stopping ability was most important to me. The wet asphalt amplifies what would happen when its dry. It helps to have someone standing outside the car too. But don't hit 'em!
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