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Howdy all.

Well - the vote hasn't really solved anything so far. We are
very evenly split, as you might imagine. (10 votes each way right now -
if we include the email list votes)

Would it be better to pick one and irritate half the group?

Or would it be better to pick a new location somewhere in between?

The Blackwell Forest Preserve on Butterfield Road (56) is very
easy to find.

It is just west of Winfield Road, and a few miles east of 59.

Butterfield is about 2 miles north of I-88. You can get off
on Winfield road, go north to Butterfield, turn west, then the
entrance will be a few hundred feet down on the north side of the

If this seems more popular than either of the other suggestions,
we will do it.

Blackwell is a nice place with lots of parking, a lake, boating is
allowed, fishing, a few shelters, picnic areas, etc...

Still trying,


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It isn't our intention to get you stressed out on where we should meet. No matter what location gets picked (or for that matter what date), you can't please everyone.

Blackwell works for me. If it's Busse, I'll drive up there. If it's Green Valley, that's cool too!

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I vote the same as Gene.
He hasn't lead me wrong yet, that I know of. :p
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