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[color:blue]Last night I got pulled over by a cop on my way home from my girlfriends house by a townie. Here's the deal, I put in some of those snazzy Wagner brite lite Xenon sealed beam headlights, and they are great, much brighter, but, sometimes my lights just shut off, so I figured that it was because they were drawing too much current,but, when i press on the high beam switch, the high beams work, but when i go back over to low beams, they wont come on. so, anyway, as I was driving home at like 2 am my lights went out, and even the high beams wouldnt come on, luckily i was about 10 blocks from home and its fairly well lit, well *woo woo woo* this cop in a suburban pulls me over to see if i'm ok, and then after i explain the switch situation he's like "oh, i understand, i have a 66 coupe" but then he proceeded to talk about my car for another 30 minutes... and he wouldnt believe me that it was a '66 even though thats what it said on the registration, he thought the first fastbacks were the '67's because thats what Eleanor was in the new Gone in 60 seconds, and on and on, by 230 i was about to fall asleep, but its cool to see a cop appreciating an old car. </font color=blue>

[color:red] The Important part ===> </font color=red>[color:blue]now, after all MY rambling, I saw in an earlier thread that a 69 headlight switch will work on my 66, are you guys sure? they're only 15 bucks, but my napa didnt even have a listing for a 69 headlight switch, and while i want to get one that will handle the current, more importantly i need one that will fit. because according to Mustangs Unlimited's catalog they different part numbers, is that because the 69 uses a higher amperage circuit breaker? I need a new switch ASAP, I dont want to be unsafe, and, even worse, I dont need to be pulled over by a cop who owns a camaro.

Thanks </font color=blue>

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so did he give you an escort home?

My first car was a 69 El camino(sorry, it was free) with a warmed over 327. I was driving home from a late night of partying and my alternater was dieing a quick death and my lights were very dim and they totaly craped out about 10 miles from home on a rural two lane road with NO street lights. I could bearly see my hand in front of my face and there wasn't ANY other cars.

I had to stop, the only thing that was keeping me on the road was the Reflectors in the middle of the road that I was trying to run over so I would know that I was still on the road.

About 20 minutes later a cop pulls up and I explain the problem and told him where I lived and he said to follow him, this is after he told me about his Hot rod Camaro. (HAHA) So he takes off and he is flying we got to the high 90's at one point, so he told me since I had no lights...... That was pretty cool chasing a cop speeding.........

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You just need a relay inline from the switch to the headlights.

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