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A lot can happen in 50 years, so do not assume what it was is what it is.

A lot of sobbing and tears have followed with that assumption.

The 7F14 says 289, not 302. But someone who, in 1976, cracked their block on their 2 year old 302 could have grabbed this block from the salvage yard, tossed the "old" rotating assembly, and put in the "newer" 302 guts. Heck, it could be a stroked 347.

Do you have a flywheel or a flex plate? Do you have, or had, a starter for a flywheel or a starter for a flex plate.

Do you have a block (also called a spacer plate).

A lot of rabbit holes to run, but washers on the starter and shavings in the bell housing (or torque converter cover) cries pay attention now or pay $$ later.
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