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My next project w/my 200 I-6 is to replace alot of the "older" parts that are of unknown age, timing chain, waterpump, and harmonic balancer. I'm also going to pull the oil pan because last weekend I took the advice of some people here and filtered the oil through coffee filters. Good news is no metal particals. Bad news is alot of sludge. So I'm going to pull the pan at the same time and clean it out (along with cleaning the Oil Pump Screen).

I've tried to determine if my Distributer is off my a tooth. Some results say yes, others no. I'm planning on removing and reinstalling the Dist. so I KNOW where it is. My main question is this: Is this easier with the Oil Pan off or does it not make a difference (AKA do it at the same time or later?). I just seem to remember once someone saying it's not bad aslong as you don't drop something into the pan..........

Another question, someone recommended that I *lightly* clean the crank caps, etc (not the journals) with Metal Prep to remove any sludge. Good idea or leave it alone?


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If you're planning to drop the oil pan, that is definitely the time to pull the distributor.
The oil pump drive shaft runs from the bottom of the distributor to the oil pump. It is
not really secured at either end, it just rests in sockets at either end, held in place only
by the spacing between the end of the distributor and the top of the oil pump. Often,
when pulling the distributor up, this shaft lifts out of its socket in the oil pump and then
falls out of the distributor. While it's not impossible to retrieve it, it is definitely a major,
time consuming pain in the ass. Obviously, if you have the oil pan off, this won't be
a problem. In fact, it will be so easy that I bet the oil pump shaft will stay right where it
belongs. It only drops out when you _don't_ have the pan off. :)

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