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Purchasing a pony

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I am currently in the process of buying a 65 Coupe from a broker who acquired the car from the original owner. I have seen the title and everything appears legit, but how can I be absolutely sure that there is nothing overlooked as far as legalities go. Are there any considerations at all for transferring title, etc. I would like to know before I make the actual deal, not find out later that I should have done it differently. Any help is appreciated.
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The only thing I can suggest is, if your skeptical of the dealer being on the up and up, I would get the vin and License # and run a DMV check to make sure there are no liens on it and so forth.

I would also see about contacting the original owner, and talking to them about the history of the car. And compare what they say to what the dealer says about the car, such as body damage, originality, etc. If the dealer is not willing to give you the original owner info, it might be attainable through the DMV report from above.


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