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Push button transmissions...

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I know 'Stangs never had them but with modern electronics being what they are today, couldn't the push button trans idea be brought back? I thought it'd be kind of neat to see a new car with the push button trans. I don't think I'd retro fit into a vintage 'Stang though wouldn't it be nice to have the shift buttons on the console with the lock out/park lever?

Okay, maybe I lost it...

Dean T

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I remember my uncle with his early-60's Plymouth and push button tranny. Wern't Corvairs the same? And how's about the Edsel with the buttons in the steering wheel hub? What I liked was the park lever that you pulled down to put the car in neutral/park. Like an aircraft landing gear control.

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If you really want one my 64 Imperial has one and it's for sale.(cheap)
It takes some getting used to. The buttons are on the far left side of the dash. I always try to grab an invisible shift lever until I remember the buttons.


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My 63 Fury has the push button setup and it works great.The system is still in use in larger units, like some RV's and some of the big haul packs used in strip mining/open pit mining.

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Since your talking push buttons.... In 1963, I had a 57 Plymouth HT (Same colors as Christine) with a push button automatic & polysphere V-8. In case you ever wanted to know, if you accidently push the "R" button at 50 MPH, the transmission will go into neutral (at least thats what mine did).

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