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Push rod length

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Is there any disadvantage to using longer push rods? The roller rockers I have seem to set to close to the stud nut and dont seem to be centered on the valve when put threw a full cycle. I went to a longer push rod and it seamed to fix both problems? This a Built 351 with tons of head work. I guess they just didnt get the push rods or studs quite on the money???
Thanks Paul
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Common racing mod...especially when going to a taller valve spring and valve to avoid coil bind with a high-lift cam...

Positioning the rocker as near to the CL of the valve stem throughout its travel is what you're looking for...

Sounds like you're on the right track...

I have an old pushrod that I have cut in half, drilled, tapped both halves 1/4x20 and screwed a piece of all thread in the pushrod. I mock up the motor with Ford tractor inner valve springs (very light). I can adjust the length of the pushrod to suit the engine as Pat said to keep the roller centered over the valve. When I get it like I want it, I remove the pushrod and measure it.

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