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Hey folks! I'm new here with a '67 Mustang and I'm looking to make it a little bit safer. I know Ford started putting collapsible steering columns in the mustangs in '68, which I'd like to do my car. Has anyone done this and have any info/suggestions?

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It is doable, but does require some work.

Most likely, your steering gear box is a long shaft. It will require a short shaft box, to marry up with the collapsible column.

The column is also wider which changes the brake pedal, column mounts, etc. The firewall retainer is different.

The other issue is wiring and steering wheel. The 1968 is different and the 67 wheel does not fit correctly on a 1968 shaft without modifications.

1st step is clear pictures of what you already have, both under the dash and close up of the steering gear box and firewall in one picture.

The tag info on the box would be good.

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I put one in mine for the heck of it. Mustangs of that age tend to have worn and loose steering boxes so it's not a bad idea to swap for a rebuilt one anyway. The wiring from the column to the car is a tad different but no big deal. In my case the brake pedal didn't touch the column like other people have had issues with. I "massaged" the sheetmetal on the side of the column a bit with a hammer to ensure the pedal wouldn't scrape as the pedals do flex a bit in use. Other folks have had to actually change the brake pedal for a '68 one that has a more bowed shape. These old cars aren't as consistent as newer ones so your luck can vary. I can't say about steering wheels as I went with an aftermarket one.
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