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Was ready to pitch the whole power frankensteering system in my `66 for something manual because of a bad leak, 3 mo. after rebuild. Then someone suggested I polish the control valve spool-ends. Said to chuck it up in a lathe. I put a few wraps of electrical tape on one end at a time and stuck it in my 1/2" drill (just fits). Then grabbed some super-fine 1500 grit paper, wetted it with good old Type F, and polished away a fair amount of stuck-on corrosion and scratches on the seal contact areas on both small dia ends. Did both ends and put it back together with a new seal kit. The valve hasn't lost a drop in two weeks--nothing. Of course, having said that, I'm sure it'll start tomorrow.... Just wanted to post for reference sake.

White `66 coupe with `70 302 (formerly TEDMAN)
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Top secret machine shop tip for stemming hydraulic leaks...and you had to tell everyone!! *G*

If the spool isn't worn too bad, you can easily take a couple thousandths off with strip cloth and refresh the seal area....

The drill idea was a nice touch....

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