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question about online chart (

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I've got a question about the chart/image I've seen several times.
It was listed at

and says its from mustangs plus (originally that is).

Anyway, the tire size for the 15X7 and the 15X8 are listed as the same tire size. I guess I'm curious why these are listed as the same tire size? (225 60 R15 btw)

The reason it matters to me is that I just ordered some wheels from summit.

Cragar, 2 15X7's and 2 15X8's. The 15x7's have 4 (and) 1/8" backspacing, the 15X8's have 4 (and) 1/4" backspacing.

Of course tires are next, so I'm a little confused. Any light on the subject?

I've seen posts of these sizes on the wheel sizes I have.

(btw, F = 15X7 and R = 15X8)
Setup #1
(F) 225-60x15 (R) 245-60x15
(F) 205-60x15 (R) 225-60x15

Which compensate for the 15x7 and 15X8 difference. So that confuses me more about the mustangsplus image.

Thanks for any advice.

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Backspacing makes a difference on the width of tire you can run without rubbing. With propper backspacing on an 8in rim I can fit a 245 wide tire on all 4 corners on a 66 coupe. Shelby drop and rolled fender lips too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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