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The Marti report for my 68.5 CJ states:

f70x14 Belted Traction Tires
Goodyear Brand Name Tires

What EXACT tires are these?

Wide Oval?

If they are Polyglas or Wide Ovals what kind of ride will I get with them? I drive my car (no rain) and would love to have the correct tires but if they ride harsh or float all over the place I might not get a set. What first hand experience do you have with either one of these?


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I dont know if this helps but, I know that my 1970 Mach originaly came with Goodyear Polyglas raised white letters. It still has the original spare and Ive got pics that I got from the original owner so I know it did.

My Marti report says:

F70X14 Belted tires W/ Raised White Letters

My build sheets says: type:p code:5

My Ford 999 report says:

F70X14 - Traction Tires

My original invoice says:

/5/ F70 X 14 Wide Oval Belted
BSW Tires/Raised White Letters

I dont know what this means about yours though. If you buy Polyglas repros be prepared for a crapy highway experience. I had a set drove them about 50 miles took them off and bought a set of BFG T/A radials. The polyglas look neat but at speed the wander all over the road.

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