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Question about removing '68 Headlight Doors

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I'm in the midst of disassembling sLime for a trip to the body/paint shop on Monday the 8th, and I'm getting stuck on removal of the grille and headlight assembly. I've got the main part of the grille out, but I don't have the trim that goes around the grille or the headlight doors off yet.

It looks as if the bumper (and valance?) has to be removed before the headlight doors and grille trim can be removed as an assembly.

I'm looking for some direction on how to disassemble this area. It's all got to come off anyway so it can be painted, so the extra parts removal doesn't bother me so much....
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I did this way:

Remove front valance.

Remove bumper

Remove remove grill and redlight assemblies.

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The head light door is physically attached to the fender, valance, rock sheild, grille & molding. You will need (and want to anyway) to remove the bumper to access the valance bolts. There are trim bolts that go threw the bucket also. Basically remove every nut and bolt short of the radiator. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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Having done this yesterday, I can now state that you -- more or less -- do the following:

* Remove the splash shields from the front of the wheel wells.
* Get a 7/16" long socket on a very long extension and remove the nuts from the back of the headlight doors.
* Remove the valance (removing bumper guards) finishes this).
* Remove the bumper
* Remove the chrome front strip from the grille wrap
* Remove the grille wraparound pieces
* Remove the stone guard
* Remove the grille
* NOW, YOU CAN REMOVE THE HEADLIGHT DOORS! /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

Thanks to all that posted a response. It was of great help.
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