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Im just wondering, with all these questions about point dedeuctions etc, how do you become a judge for consours shows? Is there some sort of qualifications or criteria you have to meet? also does judging all these minute details of a car ever drive you crazy?

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it's a well defined structure...

first(but not necessary) is to be a judges assistant at a national show for at least 2 shows

next, you request the certification test for the years you are interested. the test is open book but we prefer that you don't ask other judges for answers. if you pass the test you become a certified judge

next, you should judge at least 6 national shows and be recommended by 2 MCA gold card judges to become a gold card judge

next, if you are so lucky, the MCA head judge will appoint you as an assistant national head judge

finally, the MCA president picks the national head judge

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