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Question for Judges - Spare Tire Cover

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I got my judging sheet back from the Atlanta national show with a point deducted for no "wheel cover" on the spare tire. I'm in Street Driven class. I have SS wheels on the car and the stock rim as the spare. I have no cover for the spare and certainly don't have a "wheel cover" on the spare tire. Why did I get docked a point? Was it an error? Are tire covers permitted? Thanks in advance for your response.
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You don't have to have a cover. What do the rules say on that section? If you read and comply to that section, you shouldn't have gotten a point taken away. Make sure to read it well, as sometimes you might get a comment about something, but the point was taken away for something else.
Sounds like another judging error to me. I have heard about a number of those occurring at that show, including one friend with a beautifully modified 1983 Mustang. The husband and wife team (bad idea in the first place) who "judged" his car spent a total of 2.5 minutes /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif on his car and had no idea what they were doing. He received a second place, and his friend took first place and was embarrassed by what happened.

I couldn't judge my own car in 2.5 minutes!
I know my spare tire did not match and I should get -1 for that, but it specifically said Missing Wheel Cover.
They may have thought that since you had styled steel wheels, that it should match, meaning that the "wheel cover" was gone? For cars with styled steel wheels, the spare is just a steel wheel just as you have it. You should get -1 if the tire doesn't match the other 4 tires.
The way I read the rule book for concours trailered or driven is that with optional wheels you are allowed either the optional or standard wheel for the spare. If you have the standard wheel all you need are the correct clamping parts. Since this means a bolt and a wing nut through the center hub of the wheel there isn't much possibility of mounting a wheel cover! Vinyl tire covers are not original. Seems to be an error.
My car was judged in the same class recently and they wanted my tire cover off the spare when they came to judge the car. I don't think the tire covers were original equipment and, therefore, shouldn't be on the car for judging. It's -1 for having the thing on the spare when they judge. Sounds like the judges didn't know what they were doing.
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